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Alison Marr

Flash fiction, poetry and other musings.

Recently published

A selection of some of Alison's recent work

Lord Byron

1st July 2020 | Fiction

I was at the swimming pool the other day and who should appear but Lord Byron. I knew it was him by his profile, his turban and his palsied hoof. I was thrilled and tried to sidle up to him in the water - I wanted to ask him about... Read more...

The White Peacocks

26th June 2020 | Fiction

Digby ruined the white peacocks for me. There I was, pencil poised over my sketchbook as the pride of peafowl came strolling through the great park of Flintlock Hall. One paused near me and spread its tail and it was … just awesome but I couldn’t focus on its beauty,... Read more...

The Burning Day

21st April 2020 | Fiction

Baking dunes, silent pignut trees, marram grasses wilting, even the guns from the army camp are stilled. The Irish Sea balmy, green waves holding me like a mother and my tiny red haired daughter roasting as I swam. The heat like a hammer stupefied us as we sheltered from the... Read more...

In progress

What Alison is currently working on

Alison is currently writing a collection of fairy tales set in contemporary Kilburn, where she lives.